Ninja In Craigavon

Master Your Ninja Skills

Challenge your friends and test your agility at Airtastic Ninja Park.

There are many different activities to try out including:
- Gladiator battle beam
- Interactive Aeroball & Cardio Walls
- Rope Climbing Net

Foam Pit Activities such as;
- Wriggle Ladder
- Spinning Pole
- Flying Saucers
- Swinging bars

The best part of Ninja is that it's a part of our massive Inflata & Ninja Park so you can enjoy Inflata & Ninja fun for one great price!

Book Trampoline & Ninja Session
2 Girls Swinging on Hanging Hoops at Airtastic Ninja Park


Trampoline & Ninja ParkDurationOff Peak Activity Price¹Peak Activity Price¹Grip Socks²
Little Air - 3-4 years - Toddler Section Only³ 1 hour £2.50pp £2.50pp £1.50pp
Little Air Accompanied In Main Arena – 4 years only⁴ 1 hour £11.50pp £13.50pp £1.50pp
Open Air - 5+ years⁵ 1 hour £11.50pp £13.50pp £1.50pp
Multi Saver Pass - 3 People (5+) 1 hour n/a £34.50 £1.50pp
Multi Saver Pass - 4 People (5+) 1 hour n/a £46.50 £1.50pp
Multi Saver Pass - 5 People (5+) 1 hour n/a £58.00 £1.50pp
Trampoline & Ninja Party⁶ 90 minutes £15.95pp £17.95pp FREE
Private Trampoline & Ninja Party⁶ 90 minutes £24.95pp N/A FREE

Please remember to arrive 30 mins before your session as there is a safety briefing before you will be allowed to bounce.

1. Off Peak is Monday - Friday during term time. Peak is Saturdays, Sundays, Bank & School Holidays.

2. Airtastic Trampoline grip socks are mandatory for all bouncers

3.. Little Air Price is for access to the Trampoline Toddler section only. Toddlers must wear yellow bibs to ensure they remain in correct area. Please note that this area is very small and not part of the main arena and this is reflected in the price. We would advise that if you are not part of a group with older siblings then you should use our fantastic soft play facilities (located in our Airtastic unit just three doors down) which will be a more suitable and exciting activity for this age group.

4. 4 year olds can access main Trampoline & Ninja area if accompanied by an adult. They must wear an orange bib. They can also use the toddler section if their parent needs to take a break. The accompanying adult is included in this price.

5. 5 year olds and up can use the main area only and require no bib or direct supervision.

6. There is a minimum of 10 children required for Trampoline & Ninja Parties. Private Trampoline Parties take place Monday - Wednesday, during term time. They require a minimum of 20 children (over 5 years old) per party.

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesdays - term time - the Trampoline and Ninja Park is open for group bookings & Private Parties only: school outings, team building activities, etc. To arrange for a group activity please e-mail or phone the centre. Minimum number of people: 20. You can still choose to organise a group outing any day of the week.

For information about making changes to a booking please read our Terms and Conditions here.

Term Time Opening Hours
Monday - WednesdayOpen For Group Bookings Only
Thursday2:30pm - 7:00pm (last bounce 6pm)
Friday2:30pm - 8:00pm (last bounce 7pm)
Saturday10:30am - 6:00pm (last bounce 5pm)
Sunday (Quiet Air)10:00am - 11:00am
Sunday (Open Air)11:00am to 6pm (last bounce 5pm)

Holidays / Schools Out

Monday - Saturday11.00am - 5.00pm (last bounce 4pm)
Sunday (Quiet Air)10.00am - 11.00am
Sunday (Open Air)11.00am - 5.00pm (last bounce 4pm)

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